Every Sunset Counts 

May 2016, Bærum Kunsthall m. Nina Toft

 #sunset is on the top-20 list of the most popular hashtags on Instagram, with about 100 million pictures to date. The image of the sunset is repeated eternally, and as with many of the clichés in life, it is something that touches us to the core. Sissel Lie-Karlsen has been taking photographs of the sunsets and sunrises in her home in Kongsberg for a number of years. The ones she likes the most, she shares on Facebook. It is her voice we hear on the soundtrack saying: “I think there’s something about the calmness in these sunsets; people need calm things to look at. There’s so much happening all the time; we’re bombarded with everything between heaven and earth. There’s something quiet about a sunset, something that’s beautiful without the need to pretend. It makes us more grounded.”

Bærum kunsthall, 4.05.16 - 22.05.16


All images by Sissel Lie-Karlsen